It is not hidden from anyone that Jodhpur is has a stronghold in real estate arena. One may find an array of real estate companies in Jodhpur. Dozens of companies are there, dozens have just arrived and dozens are yet to come. The key thing to note is the authenticity of the company that you can embark on. A lot of scams have been recently logged by people against a few good names in real estate sector. One has to be very cautious while investing their money with real estate companies. Do not go with the big-sized hoarding and full page newspaper advertisements which give you lucrative offers to buy your dream homes. It can be a SCAM!!

The way you wish to get quickly benefited by investing in a highly return giving sector, the same way the scammers are also there to quickly make their money by making you fool. Beware!! It is good that you thought to choose Jodhpur as your investment point but invest wisely. There are a few things to be kept in mind while making property investment in Jodhpur.

  • Decide your budget for investment.
  • Decide your goals for investments – long term or short term.
  • Selecting right company to invest with. Seek their market reputation, visit their property and pricing, know about their current work and future plans.
  • Sign a written agreement with every minute detail of pricing, ownership, registry, land conversion, etc.
  • Get that document verified with concerned govt. departments for authenticity.

Note: If you have purchased a plot and it’s far away from housing societies and you think no one is going to reside there for atleast 10 yrs; you should keep an eye on it on regular basis. It is suggested to construct a boundary wall and keep visiting the land after certain time frame to be on safer side.

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