Despite of increased home loan rate there is no effect on extension real estate sector of Jodhpur. Why? What is the reason behind the superfast expansion of real estate companies in Jodhpur? Why is Jodhpur becoming so hot destination in terms of investment? A lot of reasons are behind this incessant boom along the fringe of Jodhpur. Let understand this:

Firstly, Jodhpur is the second biggest city after Jaipur (Capital of Rajasthan State) in terms of investment and development. The key reason behind the resilience in real estate sector of Jodhpur is because the property index of Jaipur has now become far away from public pocket. People are now switching their investment point from Jaipur to Jodhpur and other surrounding regions. Due to nostalgic attitude of people, a lot of real estate companies are moving their offices from Jaipur to Jodhpur or are opening a branch office in Jodhpur.

Second most important fact behind the growth of real estate industry in Jodhpur is Tourism. Jodhpur was a hot tourist destination since its establishment and the tourism industry is ever increasing with the growth of city. Many multi-national companies are opening their offices in Jodhpur. Obviously, these companies will need space for their offices and commercial complexes. Interest of companies towards city has given a thrust to the real estate industry of Jodhpur.

The consistent growth of real estate sector from past few years has developed interest in people and they feel that this growth will continue in upcoming years as well. They feel investment in real estate of Jodhpur is far safer and lucrative than any other investment.

One of the most important reasons behind this growth is shifting of people from narrow city streets to wide open outskirts. With the introduction of mall culture and Cineplexes, people are bringing about change in their lifestyle too. They are getting away from joint families to nuclear families and are finding their abodes away from noisy city centers to peaceful city outskirts with better infrastructure facilities.

These were some of the key reasons behind the boom of Jodhpur’s real estate sector and interest of real estate companies in Jodhpur.